Altitude physiology in lung diseases

Millions of people travel frequently from low to high altitudes or are exposed to reduced barometric pressure when flying. The effects of oxygen deficiency at high altitudes on individuals with preexisting lung diseases are insufficiently known. For this reason, we conduct systematic studies about stays at high altitudes on people with various lung diseases.

A multi-year research project has been designed to investigate the effects of high altitude over time on the well-being and health of patients with chronic lung diseases. It will also examine whether nocturnal oxygen therapy or other treatments can improve tolerance levels.

Current project

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Professor Konrad E. Bloch, MD, Deputy Director of Department
Professor Silvia Ulrich, MD, Senior Attending Physician
Michael Furian, Research Assistant

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Department of Pulmonology
Professor Konrad Bloch, MD
University Hospital Zurich
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich

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Professor Konrad Bloch, MD

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