Pulmonary function laboratory

The pulmonary function laboratory performs specialized tests to evaluate lung volumes, respiratory mechanics, gas exchange and physical fitness. These studies make it possible to clarify and identify the causes of reduced performance, shortness of breath, coughing and other symptoms. In addition, pulmonary function tests enable the objective control of the effectiveness of therapies.

Pulmonary function diagnosis

In addition to the spirometry test to measure dynamic lung volume, we perform whole-body plethysmography, measurements of lung diffusion capacity, asthma tests (bronchial challenge test, NO (nitric oxide) concentration in exhaled air) and various respiratory muscle tests.

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Performance diagnostics

Many respiratory and circulatory system disorders only become noticeable during exercise and certain symptoms only occur during exertion. Performance tests on a bicycle ergometer, treadmill or during standardized walking tests allow for the objective assessment of performance.

These studies provide information to help determine which physical impairment is limiting performance.

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Last update: 11.07.2019 | Person responsible:
Professor Malcolm Kohler, MD

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