Lung transplantation

A lung transplantation is now an established procedure for selected patients with advanced lung disease, in particular for patients with cystic fibrosis (CF), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and terminal lung disease from other causes.

Evaluation and clarification

The selection of suitable candidates for lung transplantation follows a strict clarification process including evaluative discussions and two weeks of unbiased inpatient examinations.

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The consensus guidelines of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, ISHLT, , published in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation (Weill D, Benden C, Corris PA, et al 2014), provide the basis for selecting suitable candidates for lung transplantations.

Chances of success

The first lung transplantation in Switzerland was conducted in November 1992 at the University Hospital Zurich. In total, over 400 patients have received a lung transplant at the University Hospital Zurich.

Thanks to medical progress and close supervision by the highly specialized, multidisciplinary team, survival rates after a lung transplantation at our center are comparable with results from other leading international centers. The five-year survival rate after lung transplantation in Zurich is higher than 70%.

Equally important is the patient's significantly improved quality of life after a lung transplantation, despite the lifelong ingestion of numerous medications, some with significant side effects.


The Zurich lung transplantation team cooperates directly with other international centers for lung transplantation or as a member of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT).

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Current research on lung transplantation

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